Took you long enough!

But I'm glad that you're here.
Although it's a little weird that you're about to see inside my mind,
I welcome you to randomness and INNOVATION.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


His stage name is Badnooz Boogz. A rapper from Bronx, NY, that preaches positivity and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in the game. Like most underground artist I've come to know, I met the handsome Boogz by chance. In fact, I had no idea that he produced music when we met. Boogz was a man of confidence and intelligence, so when he hit me with a song titled "The Devil Is a Liar", I was shocked. Surprisingly, his music proved to be far and above average, contrast to what we hear on our radio stations today. I have no doubt that you will love his creations. After I heard one song, I needed to hear another, and another, and another. It's almost like that Pringle commercial; one is NEVER enough.

I guess that is why I provided you all with three of my favorite Badnooz Boogz tracks. So fellas, be aware: Boogz is more than capable of taking the title to your throne (and your girl).

Ohh Gawd - Badnooz Boogz


If you have not realized it yet, I have a super radar for talent; I meet music artists from the weirdest places by coincidence and I love it!

Today, at random, I briefly exchanged nouns and vowels with a new acquaintance and rising artist. The underground Hip Hop musician goes by the name of Young Future. And ladies, I must say, he's an eye catcher as much as he's musically captivating.

With permission from the artist, I bring you a song that I ADORE titled "Love In The Sky"