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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"a-OK" Art

I have always found visual art to be a complex, only because I was never the type to see what others saw. So I'm a bit surprised at how well I've embraced this artist's vision. It's down-right brilliant!

Her name is Keetra Dean Dixon. I overheard Keetra's name recently, and after a little googling, I realized she's the artist who created the Anonymous Hugging Wall (which is basically a huge red bed-sheet created with arm-gloves in the center, so strangers could be hugged by another stranger -- a very mood elevating idea). Although I have never read an interview or spoken to her personally, there is no doubt that positive inspiration influences Keetra's art.

"An Unexpected Spark"

"Every Breath You Take"

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  1. Oh, I like. I didn't know her, so thank you for sharing this. I especially like the Janus-cigarette (it evokes amusing sayings, like "take life by both parts" - I don't know if there is an english or american saying similar to this french one ; it just basically means "carpe diem", "seize the moment"... some people seize the cigarette). °(><)°

    And that "everything will be ok". Oh thank you, comforting blankets ; I'd had also thrown a pillow in the scene, I guess.