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Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm A Believer!

Tonight has finitely changed my view of Hip Hop for the rest of my life.

Before tonight, my respect for the music genre was questionable. Yes, I have always been a listener of Hip Hop; however, there has always been an imaginary boundary of how serious I took it. The language has always been a turn-off: exploiting women, offensive racial terms and the level of crime that seemed to be constant in the lyrics. Yet, I have always found myself bopping my head to the bass-y melodies, or memorizing its urban lyrics. Deep down, I've always love Hip Hop.

Tonight will forever be remembered in the world of this genre. It took one man, and a hand full of other contributors to change the course of Hip Hop as we know it. That man is rapper Jay-Z.

Tonight, as the mid-age performer conquered the stage, captivating his audience which includes homes all over the United States, I was made a believer that Hip Hop is alive!

[Buy Jay-Z's lastest album (or a few songs you like best). Available on itunes now!]

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