Took you long enough!

But I'm glad that you're here.
Although it's a little weird that you're about to see inside my mind,
I welcome you to randomness and INNOVATION.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Chris Findley

This morning, right after my body awakened from a seven hour slumber (haphazard hair, tired eyes, and all), I held a stimulating conversation with a wise man. Although I'm two years his senior, he is someone that I look up to. He has the intellect and drive of a person that you'd find behind a CEO's office desk. So, proudly, I'd like to introduce to you, someone who has motivated me a bit more to accomplish my goals. You may have heard of him before, or you may even know him personally, but I'd like to co-sign your thoughts on his cool-appeal and business-mentality.

Meet the man that inspires me.

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